Thank you for stopping by this site.

You may feel this site is not for you.

But at the same time it’s needed for everyone..

It talks about Loving & Believing More !

Loving yourself should be the first step in Loving More.

Cause you can’t Truly express pure God Love if you can’t Love Yourself First !

No matter who you are or what you have done in your past. It’s OK… It’s never too late to be Kind and Love who you are and Start to Love others !

                                            You are Special !

Even if Family, Friends, or people in general say you are a nobody or you’ll never amount to anything or you won’t ever change or Love.

Their wrong in saying it.  !!

Anyone who speaks badly about someone or tries to be-little you or anyone..

We should feel sad for them and also understand that they are lacking Love too.

Because Love does not speak badly of anyone.

                                              Love Forgives,

                                         Love cares for you, 

                                      Love Encourages you,

                                     Love is Compassionate,


Love is so much more and it’s the Most Powerful Feeling there is !

  So if you have any kind of anger issues, hatred, Sadness & if you hold any kind of Animosity or Unforgiveness for anyone.

It’s Never too Late to Change and Let Love Fuel your Life !

  Whatever your Beliefs are. It’s common sense to be Kind, Caring and to Love and to share Love !

We are “All” born of love !

But Taught to Hate .So If during your Love walk you seem to fall and say a mean word or acting out badly.

It’s OK… If you can start by Forgiving yourself First.

cause like i said how can you Love , Care or forgive others if you don’t care, Forgive or Love yourself first!? 

If you let Love into your Heart. Truly let Love in, then you will be on the True path of the Pure Gift Love that God has Given you!!!     

Believing & Loving yourself will bring Amazing things into your Life !..  

                                                     Many Blessings !



                                    Message From my Angel

An Angel came to me in a Visions / Dreams many times.

You will read that  Love  never gave up on me !

and i know that some of you may not Believe or just not agree at all and i respect that. But I have to follow what my Heart says.

All i am trying to do is spread some. Love and kindness

in the Midst of all the Anger and Hate in this World.

 Also to ” Believe” that “Love” can overcome all the Fear, Hate & Anger that seem to be getting out of control.

Another thing they asked is to stop using the word hope…

Too many times people have used and said the word hope instead of the word Believe.

If i can reach one person to start Believing and that person reaches another to Believe and another and another.

If we can stop using and saying the word hope and start replacing it with Believing!

Just Imagine.  Believing in your Health, Well Being, Family, Yourself, That Job, Peace, Love, Kindness..etc.

I truly know how hard it is to not use and say Hope. I grew up saying it all the time. But now that God has opened my eyes and Heart to Love & Believing. I have change saying hope to saying and using Believe.. You can also !!  

The Story below and more are True and i was Blessed with a chance to change my life and many others to ” Believe & Love More ” !


This is a true event that happened to change the course of my life.

I was just taking things in on a what i thought would be a normal day. Now everyone has parts of their past that they wish never happened – that’s me!

I have a lot in my past I am not proud of and I’m sure a lot of you have a part of your past that you feel that way also. But because of all that it made me fearful of things. which stopped me from moving forward in my life. I held a lot of Fear, Hate and Anger inside and in turn was expressed outward and love was being lost little by little.

I started to give up and not care and just live life each day. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved my wife, kids, family and friends, But not like what I feel now and been led to do.. 

Only recently have I really tried to push Believing and Loving more… It took me a while to start being what my Angel said i should and will become . When i saw what i saw. I knew then that  “Love” never gave up on me and I shouldn’t and won’t give up on “Love” either ! 

That’s when I started to “Believe”.!

Here’s the story of the day that  “Love” caught my Heart in a way that can only be described as a Miraculous thing meant for me!.


Well this morning started out like every other morning except this day I was taking my wife Karen to work because my truck wouldn’t start. The day before Karen got an inspirational CD and was excited to listen to it while driving to work. so she put the CD in and It was speaking about being Grateful, Kind and Loving more. as i was driving i could hear her under her breath saying things like I love my life, I love my home, I’m Grateful for my Job…etc. So I started saying “I love the road, love the clouds, love the grass…Karen looked at me with those eyes of hers squinting at me then saying you’re saying it sarcastically and it won’t work that way if you don’t mean it or feel it. But i kept on saying it. But i do love the Clouds, Sky, Trees & Earth. It’s People in General that can push my buttons…lol. She said you can’t Love one and not the other. I was like .. you’re right !  But Then we were coming up to a light that we needed to turn on to get Karen to work. But then the light started to turn yellow for the turning lane and the car in front started to slow down. So I start yelling at the car to “go go go, you can make this light you idiot.. go”. It didn’t go, it stopped and it must of been the longest yellow light ever and as I’m behind this car watching the cars next to me go on turning and I’m going to be honest i wasn’t too happy because now my wife might be late for work and i was just not happy period. But While we were waiting for that light to turn Green my wife said,  Well why don’t you tell that car that you love it. I said what? she said continue with the love .not just for the clouds in the sky or things you already love. But other things you have no control over like the guy in front of us.I said oh okay – I started to say.. “I love the car in front of us, I love that he stopped short, I love that we’re going to be late taking you to work”…lol But then my wife looking pale as a ghost said. Oh my God Joe look at that car in front of us!” and I’m like “I am!”,  and she says No look down and look at the Tag!   I looked at the tag and at that moment something touched my Heart and i can’ explain it. But It was like “LOVE” was trying to get my attention and it did in a Big way.  this is how I know this was a miraculous thing. The tag said “Luv More”.  I fumbled for my phone to turn the camera on to take a picture of it before the light turned green. I snapped the picture as we were turning and It’s been my inspiration ever since. My Heart was touched in a way I can’t describe or explain it But it felt like a Blanket of warm Caressing Love that came over me and gently touched my Heart . I cried but not out of fear or anything. But it was a Joyous kind of crying, A thankful cry..which i am soo Grateful That Love didn’t give up on me and has given me the chance Change my life and to share, spread and teach on “Believing & Loving More” ! 

Some people say it was a coincidence – it’s not a coincidence, it’s not… This was a Divine Special message from above regardless if you are a Believer of a God, Universe or what ever. The Message of Love for my life has changed and ever since then, Love has shown itself to me in so many other miraculous ways. Also that changed for me was to Believe ,, to be a Believer !  So I have stopped hoping for anything and everything and started Believing in everything and everyone.  Fear, Hate & Anger has NO place here on this Earth and with “LOVE” we can have a Happy, Harmonies, Peaceful, Kind, Loving,  Earth… with people Loving & Caring for each other everywhere. It can and will Happen.. I Believe …

                                                                                   Will You ?

Many more true stories like this in the story section.