Believe when you pray

Praying ? I have noticed that when people pray they don’t have Belief behind their Prayer ! They just Speak it out and hope that their Prayer is answered.. The problem is that by hoping you don’t 100% Believe in what you are praying for. How can anyone say they are a Believer. But still go around hoping ? The reason i say this is because i have spoken to a group of people and they have told me things in their lives about problems from work, home to everyday situations. and every time they all say the same thing when i ask them do they pray about their problems. They all said they do. So i asked them. when you prayed was your prayer answered? Silence at first,Then one person spoke up and told me about a situation at their work. She said that even though she prays for things to change at her work and they don’t. she said, you don’t know the problems i am having at work with my coworkers and my boss. I dread everyday going into work. I pray! But deep down know that when i go into work it will be the same thing.. then others said the same thing that problems at work is killing them inside that no matter what they do. it’s toxic working there. I was like.. WOW ! I said, Did you hear what you just said? You said and others agreed that deep down you knew things would be the same at work. Then Why Pray ? You already had doubt by Believing already that your work will be the same when you go in. That’s the problem! Your’e not Believing with your Heart in your Prayers. No matter what your problems are you can’t stop Believing when you pray. No matter how bad the situation is. Believe everyday in the good of your fellow peers. Don’t stop Believing or giving up cause things don’t change right away.. That’s where faith comes in and with that Faith comes The Believing that God is hearing your Prayer. How can you pray one minute and complain the next, you voided your prayer when you bring up the problems you’re going through. You have to Believe that things will change, Believe that they already have and give Thanks for your answered Prayer !

” Always Believe in Love “

First I would like to say that the title says it all and we should Never give up on it and that’s .. ” Love ” !
Because Love will Never do us any Harm !
We are “All” born with the Spirit of Love in our Hearts !
It’s up to each individual to choose Love and let Love Grow within them !
We are all capable of Loving. But we don’t always show Love.
Sometimes Fear gets in the way and with Fear is Anger, Hatred, Animosity or anything Negative that will hinder your life !
I am one of those people as I’m sure a lot of you that are reading this also have that Fear that lingers over you.
As much as i try to express Love wherever i go, I’m encountered by other people’s anger and hatred for what they are going through in their own lives and in turn push their situation on to you and even if they don’t mean to do it.
What we need to remember is that love is very powerful and we can’t allow someone else’s situation disrupt or entangle us with Fear.
It would be Great if this world of ours was filled with love and not hate.
But Sadly fear and hate is everywhere and running Amok.
Even on the roads people are inconsiderate and only think of themselves when they drive. Believing that the 2 ton vehicle they are driving will protect them.
But Sadly wrecks happen people are injured or dead from someone not caring how they drive and that’s because somewhere in their lives Love was or is lacking from them.
When someone is filled with Love they have No need to fear, hate or be angry. Because they have Love to live and Fuel their lives and not let hate dictate them.
But again Sadly, hate & anger can interrupt a persons life and I’m one of those people.
I allowed another persons anger rub off on me while i was driving. It started when i was behind someone at a light and as the light turned green the car in front didn’t go so i honked the horn to let them know the light turned green. well, the car didn’t go and the guy in the car stuck his head out and yelling and giving me the finger. I’m yelling back saying dude it’s your fault you’re on your phone and not paying attention. Go ! he finally went but real slow looking back at me through his side mirror. I started to go around him and he slammed his brakes and tried to block me from going around almost causing me to wreck. well, i finally did and got in front of him and slammed my brakes and stopped yelling back and i then threw my tea at his windshield and he just laughed at me. I then drove off and my heart was pounding and i was shaken a bit. the thing is the driver of the other car was a teenage kid. I allowed a kid to get me upset when i should of backed off and ignore the driver and none of this would of happened.
I Realized no matter how much love you think you have there will always be someone or something to challenge that Love !
It’s up to each of us to understand the world and try to help it by spreading Love even with the most angriest hateful person.
I know Deep in my Heart i will always try to be more loving even under the most difficult situations.
The Spirit of Love is Powerful !
But only powerful if we Believe wholeheartedly that Love will Conquer all!
No matter how many times we fail at Loving we can always forgive ourselves by forgiving others.
Choose Love to Live, Fuel your Hearts and Lives !

Many Blessing !

“Never Too Late”

It’s Never Too Late To Be… Good !

It’s Never Too Late To Be… Kind !

It’s Never Too Late To Be… Honest !

No Matter How Ugly You Are On The Inside or The Outside

It’s Never Too Late To… Care !

It’s Never Too Late To… Dream !

It’s Never Too Late To… Believe !

No Matter What You Have Done To Others or Yourself

It’s Never Too Late To… Understand !

It’s Never Too Late To… Forgive !

It’s Never Too Late To… Love !

Love More

Loving… I know we have it in us, but we don’t love like love is meant to love… We try to contain it sometimes, but all we’re doing is hindering ourselves from moving forward. Some are afraid to love because of not getting love in return, and that’s sad that there are people afraid to express the feeling of love.. But then those same people have no problem expressing fear, hate and anger. Some look at love as a weakness… No way.. Love is the most powerful feeling there is.. Love can overcome anything and everything, even all that attributes itself with fear…

It doesn’t have to be this way.. the human race can live side by side without any fear, anger, hate… If we would just love each other and believe in our fellow man… Can’t believe we are going to allow hate to destroy the human race.. Look around, hate is everywhere, and its slowly destroying us.. We need to not give up on Love, for Love has  never, and will never, give up on us… We all need to “Love More “

Afraid of Change

I’ve talked to people and some said they have started to use Believe instead saying and using hope. But they also told me that at times it felt weird saying Believe in certain conversations even though it would be better. It just sounded different. It’s cause we’ve been taught to use it and it was simpler and gives the people sense of maybe something might happen.. why would we hope that maybe something might occur when we can have Faith in Believing in that same situation… You tell me. which is more powerful… hoping? or Believing? I know it sounds weird at first. it was for me to adjust to what iv’e been taught all my life. But when i started  Loving More & Believing More That’s when Gods Love Truly Started to Shine & Reveal Himself to me !   Believe in Yourself ! It’s sooo much Better to Love then to hate ! Don’t you agree?

” Love can Conquer All “

There has been a lot of Hateful Angry people doing some unthinkable things to each other. It’s Heart Breaking and i have to say growing up My life was filled with Anger,Hate and Unforgiveness… I did things I’m not proud of and wish i never did to myself and people. I can’t change what i did from my past.  But i can Change my Future and I Have !!  So that tells me if someone like myself that was filled with anger & hate can change to be a Kind, Caring, Loving Person.. That says there is a chance for Humanity !… I have to Believe that this World of ours was meant to be a Kind Loving Planet and that the people are better than this & we can’t give up on the Human Race!.. I have been given a Gift and i want to pass on that Gift to others so that if we can start to Believe & Love each other one person at a time.. Imagine what the world would be like if it was filled with Caring, Loving, Kind People Sharing the Earth Together !

How Beautiful would that be …

” The Future Of Our Children “

The Future lies with our Children.

If we don’t Teach them while they are young to be Kind, Caring, Loving, Compassionate..etc Then the Future of man is Doomed. Right now i hear so many times that our Schools are lacking in so many things. That the Government takes away so much from our Young Kids & That’s Sad !

We should be doing everything we can to bring up Kids in a Happy Environment at School Specially if their not getting the Love they Deserve at Home.
Schools should be a Place of Safe Happy Environment for Children come to Learn, Communicate, Express their Feeling with Art, Writings…etc.

But instead Schools are filled with Fear, Kids Running Amok, Saying and doing whatever they want. There’s no Discipline anymore. There has to be Structure within the Schools and help those that are lost within their own Home and bringing out all the Anger, Hatred, Animosity from home to School.

‘ Love is the Answer to Everything ‘ !

If we can Teach and Fill the Schools with Love.

Just Imagine what this world would be like in the Future if the Children grew up Loving More !
We would have Children becoming Adults and Spreading ” LOVE ” everywhere and running for office and making the Government start thinking of the Children First instead of themselves !!


Listen … you will hear hope everywhere from.. I hope you feel better, I hope tomorrow will be a good day, I hope for that job, hope, hope, hope.. you won’t stop hearing it. on the News, your Favorite program, Commercials…etc and some will try to replace the word using Believe, Belief or Believing… That’s Fantastic !!  I would Love to hear back from some of you when the experience starts to happen…Be interesting to hear your thoughts on it…  Thank you & Many Blessings ! …

Coincidence or Divine?

What do you Think ?…  Coincidence or Divine? I’ve told the story to a few people, and some Believe like myself that it was a Divine message for me & I know that others not so much, and I believe the ones that don’t can have their own opinion. But i can see how they might think or Believe it was a coincidence. like for an example you are thinking of someone and they call. that’s coincidence. This was love trying to get my attention for me to Stop all the Fear,Hate & Anger that i expressed and held inside. so that’s why for me I Believe with all my Heart that it was nothing else but a message of “Divine love!”  Do You Believe ? Have you had family or friends say “I hope you feel better” or “I hope you get that job”, “I hope tomorrow is going to be a good day at work”? Wouldn’t it be better to say “I’m Believing you’ll feel better.” “I’m Believing you’ll get that job”. “I’m Believing that tomorrow is going to be a great day at work..” You can replace hope and start saying to yourself…

                                    …  “I BELIEVE” !