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                                      Corona Virus


Why is it that everywhere i read, hear or even see.

everyone says that this Virus is out of our Hands and in Gods Hands?

I’m here to say it’s not in Gods hands.

But our own hands!

Yes that’s right our own Hands !

Remember the part in the Bible where God gave Christ the ability

to heal himself and others.. By doing what ? … By “Believing” !

Then he said to his disciples to go out and spread the message

that all they have seen Christ do that they also can do and more if

they only … “Believe” !

God gave all of us Free Will for a reason.. to choose:

Good over Evil,

Love over Hate,

Wellness over Sickness

and Life over Death !

God doesn’t heal anyone.

That’s up to Us to Heal ourselves !

God doesn’t cause illness, diseases or even Viruses.

All are created by Man and it’s up to Man to solve and Heal


My Angel said to me years ago that the reason God gave us Free


Was for us for us to choose Christ and God that sent him and the

True message that was Given to Us !

What good is it for God to give us Free will if he’s going to turn

around and Heal or save this person life anyway?

Everything that is happening here on

Earth is happening because of the Human race and not because

of God !

Another thing was said to me.

Was that no one can heal themselves or others by Hoping they will

get better or anything in Life.

But if we can Stop hoping and Start “Believing”!

That’s when We will be able to Heal ourselves and others !

The Corona Virus is another example of Mans doing and not of

God !

So it’s up to Man to “Believe” in himself and the Gifts God gave us.

The Gift of Healing !

How many after reading this will use those

Gifts From God and use them in their own lives and spread the

Message to others ?

Don’t go by what i said or even what my Angel said to me.

Go by what it says in the Bible and what Christ says we “ALL” have!

Many Blessings to All who Believe and even more Blessings to

those who should and don’t ! 


                                        “God Bless”









                                   Christ God Love are One


If we ask Christ to come into our Hearts.

Are we not asking God himself also?

For Christ and God are One !

For with God There will Always be Love !

So if we have ask Christ to be part of us then why are we not Healing the sick like he said we can do?

Why are we not taking care of our Elderly, Homeless, Children, Everyone like Christ said we should ?

I can tell you why

We really never Truly asked Christ into our Hearts to Live 

Oh We ask him into our Hearts. But only to Visit.

I know it sounds Funny. But All who have ask go back to their ways of how they were.

Forgetfulness, Anger, Fearful, Animosity, Resentment, Hatred, Greediness, Smoking, Drinking, Drugs and All that is not of Love !

For if we Truly had Love in our Hearts we would be doing All that Christ said we All have and can do ! 

But We Don’t !

But We Can ! 

We need to Truly have Love in our Hearts and Plant the Seed of Love in others and Let that Love Grow and Fuel Their Lives !



                            The ” Believe ” Challenge


                       Easy to say But Hard to Do

        I Challenge everyone to Start to Believe in                                           themselves !

    If you do, Expect Amazing things to happen in                                         your Life !!!


                                        ” BELIEVE “






                                         Believing in God ?

If you Believe in God ..

 Then Why don’t you Believe God ? 

God say’s that we can do all the things Christ was sent here to do for Us.. Then Why don’t we do it ?

Why are we not Believing in what Christ says we can do ?

All we need is the Faith of a Mustard seed.

So then Why are there  not enough Believers ?

and if you say your’e a Believer then Why are you not doing what Christ said you can do ?

Healing, Saving, Loving More…etc

All i am saying is that We “All” have the Gift inside us. Lets wake it up and Start doing What Christ said we all can do and can Become !


                                               Many Blessings !






An Angel told me about Competition Games/ Sports with Man kind..

There shouldn’t be any kind of Competition with Man..

Man isn’t supposed to be against Man.

I love Sports myself and it’s hard to Believe that what he said was True. But after he explained it to me … it made total sense !

He said From Football to Card games people hold when losing from animosity to Anger against the player or Team they are playing against.

You see it everywhere from Television to any sporting events people being Angry or upset at the other team/players because they are getting beat by the other side.

Not only with others. But with Them self also ! 

 As Long as Man plays Sports / Games against each other. There will be some sort of Fear from hate, anger, animosity to anything hindering man from growing.

Cause  man hasn’t conquered the ability to Play with each other without Any type of Animosity or Anger.. We even get mad at ourselves.

We can’t have 100% love if we have any kind of Hatred, The smallest of anger will hinder us From moving Forward in life !

Were not Supposed to be against each other.. were supposed to be there for each other by Helping, Caring, Loving More, Being Compassionate, being Kind…

Love is very Powerful and if can have Love Fuel our Lives instead of hate… Imagine a World filled with Love & Compassion ! 


                                    “Believe and Miracles will happen” !









                                     Messages from my Guide/Angel

I have been receiving messages from my Guide/Angel for a little over a year about loving More and Telling the People about Them not Believing and hoping all the time and if this world of ours going to have a chance for a Long Loving, Happy,  Caring,  kind, Compassionate  Place to grow old without the fear of Hate looming around destroying lives around the World !     Love has to Be in Everyone’s Heart !

For We are all Born with Love. But taught to hate… this must Stop if we are going to survive on this Planet.

We must End all the hatred and Start spreading Love everywhere and it Starts with ourselves ! 

If we can’t or don’t Love Ourselves we can’t Truly Love another !

Our Future is and will be in the Hands of our Children and if we teach them to be Compassionate and to Love themselves and others this World might have a Chance for a Happy, Loving, Caring, Kind Place to Live !

If we don’t look to the future with Love & Compassion … Earth is Doomed !!


           If we Believe that’s when Miracles Happen !






                       ” Why is it so hard to Love while Driving” ?

Each day i see so much anger on the road and as much as i try to be a loving person. I always seem to end up with some kind of road rage from someone even minor ones where people flick you off !

I mean i understand about road rage and what it can do to you, That’s because i was one of those people who did all the bad things… tailgate, cut in front,  brake testing, yell, flick people off, throw things…etc and i can tell you now. I’m not proud of what i was. I can only say now that i learned to become a better person and driver. 

But it seems now instead of a few people years ago with road rage, speeding, hit and run… etc. it’s growing and growing to be an everyday problem everywhere. you can’t turn on the news without them saying something about someone doing something Bad with their car… Sad !

It seems that people have so much fear, hate, anger…etc in their lives that they are taking it with them on the road. even something minor can make someone drive careless.. when we don’t have Love and we let in Fear, hate and anger we get Trouble and when there’s trouble there’s going to be that Fear, Anger & Hatred that caused it. 

But if Love is in the Center of everyone.. only happiness and kindness happens !

I also Believe it starts with our Children. Bringing them up with Love and Kindness. That would not only bring down road rage but bring down everything that’s bad with this world ! If we let Fear, Hatred and anger rule then this world of ours is doomed !

But if love rules !  Then only Happiness will thrive !

I’m all in for Loving More !   … Are You ? 

Always Be A Believer !

                                     Many Blessings !



                             “Lessons from our Children”

 It’s Sad that the Children are having to go through what they are going through with all the Violence everywhere and not just what’s  happening in the schools. 

But Everywhere !..  Sad, Very Sad !

It’s Common Sense to do the right thing . Not only for the Children. But for everyone !

We shouldn’t live where we are fearing sending our Children to School or to the Park, Store, Movies…etc

We shouldn’t live in a World where Fear is ruling… 

We need to step up like the Children are stepping up and take back America and make America Safe for All !

I am just one man that is expressing his feelings and i know alot of people reading this will be against what i am writing and that’s there own opinion also. But know this.

It’s a matter of time before the Children now will one day be in Government and i am Believing that they will change laws for the good of the people of America and also take lessons from around the World to improve the well being for All.

From getting rid of all weapons that have no use on this planet except to destroy the people and getting rid of all the Medications that the Doctors and pharmaceuticals are giving out that do more damage to people then good and in turn use Natural forms of Medications and That’s  just the Beginning  for America and the World !!

We need to be like the Children are showing us to be.. We need to try and Remember how it was when we were Children ourselves.

I understand how difficult it is in this World and that there is Fear, Hatred, Anger it seems around every corner. But so is Love and Fear is trying to take over and it does seem like it’s on the rise and Fear knows that the only thing that can Destroy it is… ” LOVE “

The Power of Love is more Powerful then we give it credit for.

We all have that Love inside us all and we need to bring out that love with our Children. Teaching them about Compassion, Kindness, Loving, Caring and all that is good with the World ! 

There are many problem Children out there that are not getting the Help they need and deserve and some just need to know there not alone and are Loved !

Believe it or not .But all the Children really need is Love to be shown to them.

I know there will be those that say that this Child/Adult was Loved and had everything and still ended up being a bad person and hurting others. 

Well, that’s because they either didn’t decide to choose Love or didn’t have the right type of Love and Believe it or not you can think you are expressing Love when you are really expressing Fear !

And Yes you can Love and have Fear at the same time. That’s because of the World that we live in and see everyday.

Fear, Anger, Hatred is all around us and we can grow up with Love. But the reality is there will always be people with nothing else except what they can do to harm another. From Stealing, Fighting, Raping, Killing, Lying…etc !

But one day The Power of Love will rise up and Conquer All !

I see it already with the love of our Children standing together in unity and people around the World standing together for Love !

Love is the way for the Future !

We need to let Love Fuel our Hearts.. Our Lives !


                                              Many Blessings !!!



                                              ” Trying to Love “


It’s hard sometimes to show Love to someone who wants nothing to do with it.

Each day i am confronted with so many people that all they seem to be about is themselves and what they can get.

Then there are those that are just plain stupid / no common sense at all and if they did have common sense. They end up doing things without caring about what the circumstance would end up becoming. again only thinking of themselves.

But then there are those that have Love and want to share their Love. But then something happens in their lives that bring out things that is attached to .. 

( Fear ) and All that goes with it like: Anger, Hatred, Animosity, Sadness, loneliness and that’s just the tip of it.

I am one of those people and even though i want to spread the message of Love to the World. The world seems to push back against Love.

There are days i feel over whelmed and just want to give up and say why ? No one cares about the future they only care about now and whats going on around them.

But something happens to bring me back to Love & continue to move forward no matter what life throws at me and even though i have seen miracles happen I am still a human being that can still fall short of what i am led to do. But as long as we continue to pick ourselves up each time we fall and not Give Up ! 

That means Love has a chance to flow through us and to others.

If we can Just Believe and no matter what happens always come back to Love. we have a chance to have a Beautiful, Loving, Kind, Caring, Compassionate Planet !


                                       Many Blessings !




                                    Why does it have to be ?


Why  are we as Human Beings allowing Hunger to exists in the World ?

Why are we allowing Children to go without food, Water, Clothes or a place to call home and going without Love ? 

I could go on and on about how Sad it is that we live in a time that we can allow Men, Women and Specially Children to go without Food, Water, Health Care, a place to live, Compassion, Kindness and Happiness !

We have Billionaires throughout the World, We have millons of Millionaires and Billions of people with at least $100,000.00 or more and still we have Children Starving in the World !

Why are we as Human Beings so Greedy ?

Why do we love Money more then we love our Fellow Human Beings ?

We can actually make this World of ours a Happy, Loving, Kind Compassionate Planet !

But the only way is if we “ALL” Help even if those without money can still help. By being Compassionate, Loving, Kind to those who are without those things !

I had someone say to me it’s easier for you to say that cause you don’t have Millions or even thousands of dollars and if you did would you give like you said others should do to help this World ?

I said, I will be Honest. I don’t know, But what i do know is that I give now to so many people and i don’t have thousands of dollars.

I give $5.00 to about 20-30 different people a month. I know it doesn’t sound like much. But when you don’t have much it still adds up.

All i am saying is that if we all said enough is enough and started to help the people of the World i bet within a year there would be no Child without food, water, clothes or a place to live ! 

If we could spread Love throughout the World Imagine what Earth would be like !

Love would run rampant throughout this Planet!

So that means there would be Peace throughout the World !

 It doesn’t have to be this way, we can make this planet of ours into a Loving Planet !

How Cool would That Be ?

                                             Many Blessings !



                ” Why Believe in God if you don’t Believe God ? “


In the Bible it says and shows many miracles that Christ did .

 God said if you Believe in my Son you Believe in me !

If you Believe in all the works and Miracles Christ did and what he said then why are we not doing the same things and more that Christ said we can do?

Jesus said to his disciples all the Miracles you have seen me do you also can do them and more !

Christ said to spread the message of his works and to teach the people of his Love and all the Miracles he did so that the people if they Believe can also do the same  Healing’s Christ said we can do !

So then Why don’t we act and do the things like Christ?

Why don’t we Believe enough to do the things God said we can do?

If we have the ability to heal ourselves and others. Then why don’t we ?

Why don’t the Churches teach their people what Christ said we can do?

Why are they keeping their Congregation from moving forward with Christ ?

They tell stories of the Bible of all types of events then turn around and teach you how it pertains to your life on how your day/life should be.

Then why not teach on what the main Bible tells us ?

It tells us to Believe ! 

Then why don’t we Believe and like the title says.. Why Believe in God if were not willing to Believe God ?

I have seen Miracles happen by  just Believing !

I have seen Healing’s by  just Believing ! 

I have healed others and myself by Believing!

 Will You Start to Believe ? 


                                   Many Blessings !




                                    ” Our Wants or Needs ? ” 

I’ve talked to a lot of people lately about Wanting and Needing and I was really Surprised how many people chose something they Wanted over want they Needed.

I realized we live in a society that people are going around wanting things. Things they have NO need for. They  just want it !

Even if money wasn’t an object, more people are still asking for their wants and not so much for what they Need !

What a person thinks they want in life isn’t necessarily what they Need!

But whatever you Need in life..

It will always be something that will help you in your Life’s journey  !

I’m not saying that we need to Stop wanting things. I’m just saying. Think about your wants and see if what you truly are wanting will Benefit your life or Hinder it in anyway.. 

Follow your Heart and you will Never go wrong…

Your Heart Knows the Difference between Wanting and Needing !

Believe in Yourself & Let  ” LOVE ”  Fuel Your Life !

                                     Many Blessings !




                                        ” Love over Hate “

After the hateful act of someone lacking in Love Destroying so many lives in Texas.

We must not give up on mankind and Believe that ” Love ” will overcome all the hate that seems to be sprouting up everywhere.


I know it’s hard to grasp what has happened and people are wondering where God was when this man walked into this house of worship.. A house of Gods and Killed so many innocent men, women and children.

I have had people ask me. Why didn’t God intervene and stop this mad man?

Man can only stop man from mans hatred toward the Human race. If God intervene every time. Then man will never learn.

We can’t call upon God every time man invents things that destroys the human race. 

I’m not saying God doesn’t listen or see’s what’s going on here on Earth. He does and with pain in his Heart !

God want’s us to learn to Love one another and to teach our young to be kind, Caring, Grateful and Loving ! 

But instead we have parents who don’t show the Love that the Children want and need. We have programs on TV, Radio, Movies, News…etc. that promote Hate and violence. It seems to be a thriving business to promote hate into people ! 

You can’t turn on the Television without hearing something bad. But every once in a blue moon. you will hear something good, Kind or Loving that someone did. But that’s far and few compared to all the hate going around.

The only way that hate can be defeated is with Love !

People don’t realize how powerful Love can be if we just ” let Love Fuel our Lives ” !

We are born with Love . But taught to hate.. We can’t let hate tear this world of ours. we have to unite and bring Love into this world again. and that can only happen if we ” Believe ” That Good can and will overcome Evil !  

I am a Believer in that Love can and will end all Fear and attached to Fear is Anger, Hate all that is negative & bad with the World !


                                   ” Let Love fuel Your Life ” !


” Always Believe in Love “

First I would like to say that the title says it all and we should Never give up on .. ” Love ” !
Because Love will Never do us any Harm !
We are “All” born with the Spirit of Love in our Hearts !
It’s up to each individual to choose Love and let Love Grow within them !
We are all capable of Loving. But we don’t always show Love.
Sometimes Fear gets in the way and with Fear is Anger, Hatred, Animosity or anything Negative that will hinder your life !
I am one of those people as I’m sure a lot of you that are reading this also have that Fear that lingers over you.
As much as i try to express Love wherever i go, I’m encountered by other people’s anger and hatred for what they are going through in their own lives and in turn push their situation on to you and even if they don’t mean to do it.
What we need to remember is that love is very powerful and we can’t allow someone else’s situation disrupt or entangle us with Fear.
It would be Great if this world of ours was filled with love and not hate.
But Sadly fear and hate is everywhere and running Amok.
Even on the roads people are inconsiderate and only think of themselves when they drive. Believing that the 2 ton vehicle they are driving will protect them.
But Sadly wrecks happen people are injured or dead from someone not caring how they drive and that’s because somewhere in their lives Love was or is lacking from them.
When someone is filled with Love they have No need to fear, hate or be angry. Because they have Love to live and Fuel their lives and not let hate dictate them.
But again Sadly, hate & anger can interrupt a persons life and I’m one of those people.
I allowed another persons anger rub off on me while i was driving. It started when i was behind someone at a light and as the light turned green the car in front didn’t go so i honked the horn to let them know the light turned green. well, the car didn’t go and the guy in the car stuck his head out and yelling and giving me the finger. I’m yelling back saying dude it’s your fault you’re on your phone and not paying attention. Go ! he finally went but real slow looking back at me through his side mirror. I started to go around him and he slammed his brakes and tried to block me from going around almost causing me to wreck. well, i finally did and got in front of him and slammed my brakes and stopped yelling back and i then threw my tea at his windshield and he just laughed at me. I then drove off and my heart was pounding and i was shaken a bit. the thing is the driver of the other car was a teenage kid. I allowed a kid to get me upset when i should of backed off and ignore the driver and none of this would of happened.
I Realized no matter how much love you think you have there will always be someone or something to challenge that Love !
It’s up to each of us to understand the world and try to help it by spreading Love even with the most angriest hateful person.
I know Deep in my Heart i will always try to be more loving even under the most difficult situations.
The Spirit of Love is Powerful !
But only powerful if we Believe wholeheartedly that Love will Conquer all!
No matter how many times we fail at Loving we can always forgive ourselves by forgiving others.
Choose Love to Live, Fuel your Hearts and Lives !

Many Blessing !

” The Future Of Our Children “

The Future lies with our Children.

If we don’t Teach them while they are young to be Kind, Caring, Loving, Compassionate..etc Then the Future of man is Doomed. Right now i hear so many times that our Schools are lacking in so many things. That the Government takes away so much from our Young Kids & That’s Sad !

We should be doing everything we can to bring up Kids in a Happy Environment at School Specially if their not getting the Love they Deserve at Home.
Schools should be a Place of Safe Happy Environment for Children come to Learn, Communicate, Express their Feeling with Art, Writings…etc.

But instead Schools are filled with Fear, Kids Running Amok, Saying and doing whatever they want. There’s no Discipline anymore. There has to be Structure within the Schools and help those that are lost within their own Home and bringing out all the Anger, Hatred, Animosity from home to School.

‘ Love is the Answer to Everything ‘ !

If we can Teach and Fill the Schools with Love.

Just Imagine what this world would be like in the Future if the Children grew up Loving More !
We would have Children becoming Adults and Spreading ” LOVE ” everywhere and running for office and making the Government start thinking of the Children First instead of themselves !!

” Message From Above “

It was exactly 3:33 am and I awoke to a whisper saying  ” Joe ”  and at first i thought it was my wife. I said yes honey.. no response. but then a few minutes go by and again i hear ” Joe ” .This time i turned over and I noticed she was still sleeping and thinking i was dreaming i started going back to sleep. But then again ” Joe ” then all of sudden it felt like i was floating.But it felt peaceful and i could hear water flowing from a distance like a stream or brook. Now i thought i was in a Dream cause the next thing i knew i was sitting on a boulder next to a stream with the water gently flowing over the rocks.  Then i started to hear it again and the voice seem to be all around me saying over and over Joe, Joe

I hesitated. But then i said Hello..  Then i heard, ” I Love You  ” . My Heart always knew. But i didn’t know till after that was said. I felt His Voice. I know it sounds weird. But i felt His Breath when he spoke to me. He had a few things to tell me and even though the flesh part of me was like thinking. Why Me? I’m a Nobody. I could feel my Heart speaking to me as if He was speaking to me reassuring me that i am Special. He said  ” WE ”  are all Special in his eyes. He reminded and showed me the moment i started to  ” Believe ” !.

After our conversation that seem to be a long time talking. One of the things he wants me to do is help Spread … ” LOVE ” and for people to not give up  Believing in Him , Believing in Ourselves !

So here is one of the messages :

Stop all the Hating !

Life is Too short to hate be mean to one another.

Your time on Earth wasn’t meant for you and mankind to do harm to each other or to the Planet you live on.

But to Live in Peace & Love one another…

To Believe that Love Can & Will Conquer over Fear, Hate & just plain Evilness.

He said that Even the worst of man has the Spirit of love inside them and that we are all Born with Love !   But you are Taught to hate !

It’s up to each person to Choose whether or not they want to Love or Hate.

That’s your Free Will.. But It’s Never too late to Start.. “Loving More” !

God said that being Kind, Caring, Compassionate to others needs before your own needs. Brings out the True Spirit of Love !

Afraid of Change

I’ve talked to people and some said they have started to use Believe instead saying and using hope. But they also told me that at times it felt weird saying Believe in certain conversations even though it would be better. It just sounded different. It’s cause we’ve been taught to use it and it was simpler and gives the people sense of maybe something might happen.. why would we hope that maybe something might occur when we can have Faith in Believing in that same situation… You tell me. which is more powerful… hoping? or Believing?

I know it sounds weird at first. it was for me to adjust to what iv’e been taught all my life. But when i started  Loving More & Believing More That’s when Gods Love Truly Started to Shine & Reveal Himself to me !   Believe in Yourself !

It’s sooo much Better to Love then to hate !

Don’t you agree?

“Never Too Late”

It’s Never Too Late To Be… Good !

It’s Never Too Late To Be… Kind !

It’s Never Too Late To Be… Honest !

No Matter How Ugly You Are On The Inside or The Outside

It’s Never Too Late To… Care !

It’s Never Too Late To… Dream !

It’s Never Too Late To… Believe !

No Matter What You Have Done To Others or Yourself

It’s Never Too Late To… Understand !

It’s Never Too Late To… Forgive !

It’s Never Too Late To… Love !

” Love can Conquer All “

There has been a lot of Hateful Angry people doing some unthinkable things to each other. It’s Heart Breaking and i have to say growing up My life was filled with Anger,Hate and Unforgiveness… I did things I’m not proud of and wish i never did to myself and people. I can’t change what i did from my past.  But i can Change my Future and I Have !!  So that tells me if someone like myself that was filled with anger & hate can change to be a Kind, Caring, Loving Person.. That says there is a chance for Humanity !… I have to Believe that this World of ours was meant to be a Kind Loving Planet and that the people are better than this & we can’t give up on the Human Race!.. I have been given a Gift and i want to pass on that Gift to others so that if we can start to Believe & Love each other one person at a time.. Imagine what the world would be like if it was filled with Caring, Loving, Kind People Sharing the Earth Together !

How Beautiful would that be …


Listen … you will hear hope everywhere from.. I hope you feel better, I hope tomorrow will be a good day, I hope for that job, hope, hope, hope.. you won’t stop hearing it. on the News, your Favorite program, Commercials…etc and some will try to replace the word using Believe, Belief or Believing… That’s Fantastic !!  I would Love to hear back from some of you when the experience starts to happen…Be interesting to hear your thoughts on it…  Thank you & Many Blessings ! …

Coincidence or Divine?

What do you Think ?…  Coincidence or Divine? I’ve told the story to a few people, and some Believe like myself that it was a Divine message for me & I know that others not so much, and I believe the ones that don’t can have their own opinion. But i can see how they might think or Believe it was a coincidence. like for an example you are thinking of someone and they call. that’s coincidence. This was love trying to get my attention for me to Stop all the Fear,Hate & Anger that i expressed and held inside. so that’s why for me I Believe with all my Heart that it was nothing else but a message of “Divine love!”  Do You Believe ? Have you had family or friends say “I hope you feel better” or “I hope you get that job”, “I hope tomorrow is going to be a good day at work”? Wouldn’t it be better to say “I’m Believing you’ll feel better.” “I’m Believing you’ll get that job”. “I’m Believing that tomorrow is going to be a great day at work..” You can replace hope and start saying to yourself…

                                    …  “I BELIEVE” !

Love More

Loving… I know we have it in us, but we don’t love like love is meant to love… We try to contain it sometimes, but all we’re doing is hindering ourselves from moving forward. Some are afraid to love because of not getting love in return, and that’s sad that there are people afraid to express the feeling of love.. But then those same people have no problem expressing fear, hate and anger. Some look at love as a weakness… No way.. Love is the most powerful feeling there is.. Love can overcome anything and everything, even all that attributes itself with fear…

It doesn’t have to be this way.. the human race can live side by side without any fear, anger, hate… If we would just love each other and believe in our fellow man… Can’t believe we are going to allow hate to destroy the human race.. Look around, hate is everywhere, and its slowly destroying us.. We need to not give up on Love, for Love has  never, and will never, give up on us… We all need to “Love More “