Love is important in society and without it we are all doomed.

We are all Born with Love the moment we enter this world we only have Love in our Hearts.

But it’s up to us as Parents to continue that Love, to Nurture and be all we can be as Parents for our new born babies and with that grows a child that at birth is filled with Love and with the Parents that Love will only Grow. But without Love there can only be Sadness for that Child and the World. For all Children are born of Love . But Taught to Hate !

For Hatred can only destroy humanity

But with Love, Humanity and the World will flourish. For a loving Child that is raised with Love grows up to be a loving adult and in turn that adult spreads and Plants his Loving Heart towards another and he allows for that Love to Grow and Fuel Their Lives.

You see, Love is important there’s no confusion who you are and how you should treat another human being or even yourself.

Now with hatred there is confusion, anger, animosity, loneliness, Drugs, Alcohol and everything that is Negative.

But with Love there is so much more. happiness, Joy, kindness, compassion, sharing…etc

Imagine if we all were filled with Love not only for ourselves, But for throughout the world?

For there wouldn’t be anyone hungry, homeless, no violence, hatred, anger, selfishness, greed any all feelings that are Negative.

Love is powerful and if we can start with our children, Love will have a chance, this world of ours can have a chance to love the way God intended us all to have and this world of ours to Flourish !