What Happened To Our Children ?

I can tell you exactly what happened to our Children… GREED !

The Politicians rather TAKE from our Children then Give.. From not enough Teachers, Why?

Because they don’t want to pay for more Teachers and still to this day let more and more Teachers go instead of keeping them and because the Politicians / School Boards have to meet their Budgets.. What ? So the Children have to Sacrifice / Suffer Because of What ?… Money / Greed and I’m sure they will say it has nothing to do with Greed..

Yeah, That’s what Thieves would say.. ok will say their “Takers” instead. Because anyone that would take away from Children. The Funds that could actually Help and Propel our Children to a better Life / Future and not only for themselves. But for the World .. They are still Thieves in my Opinion.

What we do for our Kids now will have a Big impact on their lives and others..

Teach them everything including Love and Compassion. So much can be Taught and Learned if Love and Compassion is in the center. Teachers Teach because they Care for our Children so why not give the Children more Teachers instead of Taking them away and giving the Teachers more kids to teach so the “Takers” can have more money for themselves..

You know its not all the School boards fault.. It’s our Government.. Giving only certain amounts of Money to the Schools when they should be giving all they can to Schools !… Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice for the Children.

They always have one reason or another to say… But all we hear is Blah, Blah, Blah..

It’s Sad that e can see that if we put Children First how much better this world could and can have…

Smart, Intelligent, Happy, Compassionate, Loving Children Because they ere taught and shown what Love and Compassion for one another can do.

I Challenge any Public Schools to say enough is enough our Children is our Future and they deserve the best and we are going to give them the best . No Matter what the Governor says each school can have or not have !

Start Standing Up for the Children.. If every Teacher, Parents, protest for the kids / take a final stand that we won’t tolerate it anymore. Go against the rules. if the Teachers stand together even subs and i know things are tough. But when one leaves because the board needs money. Stand with them and say if they leave we all leave.

Teachers have the ability to change things for the long run if they stand for the long run. We are sending Kids out in the Streets with no real knowledge or any kind of kindness because of over crowding in schools because of budget… tell that to the kids that they have to learn with a crowded class room or a child that’s disruptive because what they are not getting at home were not giving in schools… Love, Compassion, Kindness, Understanding, Happiness…etc.

Teach and Show them Love and anything can Happen…


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