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This is a story about Listening to your Heart.

It starts out with me going to a drive thru like i do everyday for my wife and sometimes while i am there i would pay for the persons drink that’s behind me . But i only do that and i know now it was shallow of me. But if the car behind me is an older model car. i would get their drink and tell the drive thru person to tell the car behind me to have a Blessed Happy Day ! and i then would go on with my day. But i didn’t realize it then But i do now that i was judging people on what they drove. you see i thought if they drove an older car they already im sure struggling or they would be driving a newer car.  But on this certian day there was a really nice car behind me a Lexus and i felt something trying to speak to my Heart / Spirit about the car behind me. To pay for their drink. the weight of it was heavy. it was like my Spirit speaking to me about Blessing the car behind me and i was like fighting myself about paying for someone who looked like they could pay for their own drink and more. So here i am in line with the car behind me and there is two cars in front of me waiting to pay. I kept looking back at the car behind me in my side mirror and asking God Why do  i have this feeling in  my Heart about paying a silly drink for what i thought was a wealthy person who can afford anything. So here it is my turn to pay and i payed for my drinks and then i followed my Heart and said i would like to take care and pay for the car behind me.  I also told them to tell the Driver to have a Bleesed Happy Day !  As i was waiting for my drinks i looked at my phone app and i found out on my phone it was $18.00 for her drink and food. i was like WOW !  I drove off and thought oh well… But that wasn’t the end of it. about a minute later i get a phone call and it was the lady behind me. Cause you see I’m in my work truck and on the back of my Truck is my Phone number. So the lady called me that was behind me to Thank me for paying her Bill. But there was more. The Lady  started telling me that after she ordered her drinks and food she realized that she forgot her phone and purse at home cause she was in such a rush and when she did noticed. it was too late to get out of line so she was upset and imbarrassed that she couldn’t pay when she got up to the window. But when she did get to the window  she started to tell them and they said your bill was paid for..  She said that it made her cry cause she was praying to God about the situation and to find out that someone she didn’t know did this for her. After her telling me that . I realized just because some is well to do, dosen’t mean they don’t need a Blessing also !

If i didn’t pay for her she might of had to go home and come back and start all over again or not go back cause she would be late for work. at least this was one small burden off her Shoulder / Heart.  I could hear in her voice how Grateful she was and it made her day. That’s where the listening comes in.

God said a lot of people hear me. But they don’t listen to what i am saying. he gave me an example. He said remember when you were a child and your Mom said for you to clean your room? I was like yeah. well, you heard your mom ask you to do something. But you chose not to Listen to her and in turn you didn’t get the reward you would of gotten if you were to have listened to your mom instead of just letting it go in one ear and out the other.

The Spirit says that’s how it is everywhere, people are not Listening anymore. They Hear but don’t Listen…

People say they will do this and that. But end up not doing anything.     ” Action Speaks Louder Than Words ” !

After that I knew that another part of me was growing closer to Gods Heart !

He want’s all of us to be close to His Heart !   So i am Listening more to my Heart which the Spirit of Love lives !     


            “Believing But Not Believing “

This a Story about a Lady named Ms Sarah. She didn’t realize that she was believing in a miracle and not believing the next day. I met her one morning at a Restaurant and she was sitting in the booth next to me meeting someone for Breakfast and later i found out it was her niece. But while i was there i was doing what i always do and thats write in my Journal and have Breakfast. I like sitting in the back booth and there was another booth that was back there also. When Ms Sarah sat down we exchanged smiles and that was it. Shortly after her niece showed up, she seemed excited about what she was going to tell her and i couldn’t help from hearing the excitment in her voice when she started to tell her what happened to her the evening before.  Well, Ms Sarah went to a Church Revival to get a healing. She told her niece that the Pastor spoke over her and told her that if she Believes. God was going to Heal her from her illness and she said “Yes i Believe” !   And listening to her she seem happy and you can see the glow around her when she spoke about her experience at the Revival. Now at the time i didn’t know what illness she was being healed of.. Until she got a phone call from what she told me later was one of her best friends. I saw a woman with smiles and warmth around her from what happened the night before & what she Believed.. But then her Belief was shattered by one phone call and Ms Sarah didn’t even know it was happening. Well, she stated talking to her friend on the phone and her niece asked who it was and she said it was one of her friends calling to find out what the Doctor said about her Cancer. But her demeanor changed. she started telling her friend about the Church Revival and how much of a Blessing it was . But then she started say about going to her Doctor and he said to her that she would have to go thru Chemo and she would lose her hair and Ms Sarah went on and on about the Cancer. After the call ended her niece had to leave and Ms Sarah was alone. Here was this lady with so much Joy when she came in and now she sits with sadness on her face and i’m sure a heaviness in her Heart also. Well, I looked over to her and handed one of my cards and pen and said i didn’t mean to listen in on your conversations. But you spoke about going to a Church Revival and How you Believed God Healed you last night and in a conversation you had with your friend on the Phone you Voided out Gods Blessing. She’s like what are you talking about?  I then said to her. You recieved a Blessing from God to Heal your Cancer at the Revival Right?  she’s like yes i did. and i said you Believed God Healed you.. Right ?  She said with all my Heart !   I then said why did you tell your friend on the phone you still had Cancer and what the Doctors told you?  She’s like Because i have Cancer and was telling her what the doctor told me. But didn’t God take your Cancer away at the Revival last night?  Yes she said. Then why did you tell your friend on the phone that you have Cancer after he healed you the night before? you voided Gods Healing Love and invited Cancer back into your life when you spoke outloud that you have Cancer…What you should say to your friends or anyone asks you about the Cancer. You say What Cancer? My God with his Healing Love took away my Illness and I Believe in his Love !… The whole key is Believing regardless what anyone says to you that might be Negative. We have to Continue to Believe 100% everyday all day even when we are in the Midst of  Sadness !  I have seen the Power of Love and what Love can do for Sickness, Fear, Hate & Anger. It can make it Obsolete to where it doesn’t exsist. Sickness is mans doing.. Healing is Gods !!!

 Many Blessings To all who are afflicted by Cancer !


                          “Positive Words”

This a true Story about My little Sister with stage 4 lung cancer. She was bed ridden for six weeks in the hospital and was being fed intravenously. She lived in Texas and i lived in Florida so I went to go and see her and spent a week there. As i was there I saw the pain that she was going through, so the first evening  I started talking to her about changing her way of thinking and the words that she used. At first she thought I was nuts, LOL. But after explaining it to her each day, talking to her about Believing and the words that she needs to change – all the negative words to Positive words, Encouraging words.   So Here the Story…

So the first day i started talking with her, I sat with her, and I also Believe that this helped a lot transferring good energy. I massaged her feet every single day, talking to her. I remember when the nurse came in and started to turn her body so that there wouldn’t be any bed sores, and she was in pain. I told her I know it’s going to be really hard. But don’t say owe, ouch, or hurt or anything like that,  but to say..  “Thank You”.  She thought I was crazy.  but she said  why?  I then told her because if you’re able to feel the pain that means you’re still alive and should say.. Thank you. All I’m saying is, it matters in what words you say. So instead of saying negative words – Replace it with positive words and before you know it, you’ll start to Believe in those words that you are saying. So with me speaking positive words to her and with my Sister speaking positive words. within a week from her being bedridden from the past six weeks, she was able to have the feeding tube taken out and start eating solid foods, and was able to start sitting up in bed, and that was just the beginning.

From her Believing that it can happen, and with each day of Believing, she grow stronger not only with herslef but in her Beliefs. While i was there  I kept hearing people there saying “I hope you’re feeling better, don’t give up hope, things will get better…”  and I’m like “no, no, no, don’t be hoping.. Start BELIEVING that you’re going to get better”. The people that are around you, they needed to start Believing also, bringing positive energy all around you. When you have positive energy all around and you’re transferring positive energy back and forth with each other, amazing things can and will happen. When  Believe and Love  are in the Center of your Life… “All Things are Possible”!


                     Message From Above

Around 2 am. I woke up to a whisper in my ear saying ” I Love You” and at first i thought it was my wife. But when i turned over and said I Love you back to her. I noticed she was still sleeping. so i started going back to sleep. But then it felt like i was floating or in a dream and everything seem kinda peaceful and i could hear water flowing gently like a stream. Then i started to hear a voice that seem to be all around me saying over and over Joe, Joe, Joe…

Stop all the Hating !

That Life is Too short to be mean to one another.

Your time on Earth wasn’t meant for you and mankind to do harm to each other or to the Planet you live on.

But to Live in Peace & Love one another…

To Believe that Love Can & Will Conquer over Fear, Hate & just plain Evilness.

Even the worst of man has the Spirit of love inside them and that we are all Born with Love ! But Taught to hate !

It’s up to each person to Choose whether or not they want to Love or Hate.That’s your Free Will !.. But It’s Never too late to Start.. “Loving More”

God said that being Kind, Caring, Compassionate to others needs before your own needs.

                                          Brings out the True Spirit of Love !

                                                            Many Blessings !