Praying ?
I have noticed that when people pray they don’t have Belief behind their Prayer !
They just Speak it out and hope that their Prayer is answered..
The problem is that by hoping you don’t 100% Believe in what you are praying for.
How can anyone say they are a Believer. But still go around hoping ?
The reason i say this is because i have spoken to a group of people and they have told me things in their lives about problems from work, home to everyday situations.
and every time they all say the same thing when i ask them do they pray about their problems.
They all said they do. So i asked them. when you prayed was your prayer answered? Silence at first,Then one person spoke up and told me about a situation at their work.
She said that even though she prays for things to change at her work and they don’t. she said, you don’t know the problems i am having at work with my coworkers and my boss. I dread everyday going into work. I pray!
But deep down know that when i go into work it will be the same thing.. then others said the same thing that problems at work is killing them inside that no matter what they do. it’s toxic working there.
I was like.. WOW !
I said, Did you hear what you just said?
You said and others agreed that deep down you knew things would be the same at work.
Then Why Pray ? You already had doubt by Believing already that your work will be the same when you go in.
That’s the problem! Your’e not Believing with your Heart in your Prayers.
No matter what your problems are you can’t stop Believing when you pray.
No matter how bad the situation is. Believe everyday in the good of your fellow peers.
Don’t stop Believing or giving up cause things don’t change right away.. That’s where faith comes in and with that Faith comes The Believing that God is hearing your Prayer.
How can you pray one minute and complain the next, you voided your prayer when you bring up the problems you’re going through.
You have to Believe that things will change, Believe that they already have and give Thanks for your answered Prayer !