It was exactly 3:33 am and I awoke to a whisper saying  ” Joe ”  and at first i thought it was my wife. I said yes honey.. no response. but then a few minutes go by and again i hear ” Joe ” .This time i turned over and I noticed she was still sleeping and thinking i was dreaming i started going back to sleep. But then again ” Joe ” then all of sudden it felt like i was floating.But it felt peaceful and i could hear water flowing from a distance like a stream or brook. Now i thought i was in a Dream cause the next thing i knew i was sitting on a boulder next to a stream with the water gently flowing over the rocks.  Then i started to hear it again and the voice seem to be all around me saying over and over Joe, Joe

I hesitated. But then i said Hello..  Then i heard, ” I Love You  ” . My Heart always knew. But i didn’t know till after that was said. I felt His Voice. I know it sounds weird. But i felt His Breath when he spoke to me. He had a few things to tell me and even though the flesh part of me was like thinking. Why Me? I’m a Nobody. I could feel my Heart speaking to me as if He was speaking to me reassuring me that i am Special. He said  ” WE ”  are all Special in his eyes. He reminded and showed me the moment i started to  ” Believe ” !.

After our conversation that seem to be a long time talking. One of the things he wants me to do is help Spread … ” LOVE ” and for people to not give up  Believing in Him , Believing in Ourselves !

So here is one of the messages :

Stop all the Hating !

Life is Too short to hate be mean to one another.

Your time on Earth wasn’t meant for you and mankind to do harm to each other or to the Planet you live on.

But to Live in Peace & Love one another…

To Believe that Love Can & Will Conquer over Fear, Hate & just plain Evilness.

He said that Even the worst of man has the Spirit of love inside them and that we are all Born with Love !   But you are Taught to hate !

It’s up to each person to Choose whether or not they want to Love or Hate.

That’s your Free Will.. But It’s Never too late to Start.. “Loving More” !

God said that being Kind, Caring, Compassionate to others needs before your own needs. Brings out the True Spirit of Love !