Peace and Love


The way we all live our lives tells a lot about ourselves !

Our words can express Peace and Love or Fear and Hatred. Is our words and actions the same ? Do we convey Kindness and Compassion or Anger and Greed ?

Those that Love need to Share Their Hearts with All of Humankind and that means sharing your Love Freely no matter of a persons Appearances or what is happening on the News or just around your surroundings. It’s up to each one of us to choose to see the best in each other and to be Compassionate, Kind, Caring and most of all.. Loving !

You can be the wealthiest person in the World .

But without Love you’re the Poorest !

It is really important to keep your Thoughts, Actions and Words to come from your Heart !

Fear is the root of all Anger, Hatred and all that is Negative !

The only thing that can Defeat Fear and All that is attached to it is.. LOVE !

Love is the Strongest Feeling and Emotion in the World and we need to Build on that Foundation !

It seems that Fear and Anger is showing itself around the World.

But Peace and Love is still knocking on the Hearts of Many and those to where their “Heart of Love” is still asleep we need to wake up all those crying out for Love !

Love is Christ and Christ is Love and he said that if We All Believe in his Love and what he said we All Have and Can do !

Then All things Are Possible !

We need to stay rooted in our Beliefs that Peace and Love is Possible for All of Man Kind and the World itself !

Lets All do our Part by spreading Love and Kindness and before we know it we have a Peaceful Loving Planet !

                     Many Blessings !


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