The Future lies with our Children.

If we don’t Teach them while they are young to be Kind, Caring, Loving, Compassionate..etc Then the Future of man is Doomed. Right now i hear so many times that our Schools are lacking in so many things. That the Government takes away so much from our Young Kids & That’s Sad !

We should be doing everything we can to bring up Kids in a Happy Environment at School Specially if their not getting the Love they Deserve at Home.
Schools should be a Place of Safe Happy Environment for Children come to Learn, Communicate, Express their Feeling with Art, Writings…etc.

But instead Schools are filled with Fear, Kids Running Amok, Saying and doing whatever they want. There’s no Discipline anymore. There has to be Structure within the Schools and help those that are lost within their own Home and bringing out all the Anger, Hatred, Animosity from home to School.

‘ Love is the Answer to Everything ‘ !

If we can Teach and Fill the Schools with Love.

Just Imagine what this world would be like in the Future if the Children grew up Loving More !
We would have Children becoming Adults and Spreading ” LOVE ” everywhere and running for office and making the Government start thinking of the Children First instead of themselves !!