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Thank you for stopping by and checking out the site.


This is a site that is spreading the message on Love, Kindness, Compassion and Believing in Healing’s in yourself and Others,  !


Imagine a World without Fear, Hate or Anger.

But Instead filled with Love & Kindness …

It can Happen if you just Start to Believe in Love !

Love is very Powerful and You can do Amazing things if You allow Love to Live in your Hearts  !

Hate is Very Destructive and all it does is destroy Peoples live’s including your own !


Fear is the reason for Hate,  Anger, Animosity, Anxiety and all that’s Negative is a part of Fear.

You can overcome All that is associated with fear by Allowing Love to Live and Grow in your Hearts!


But first you will have to “Believe” in Love for yourself and others !

I’m talking about Pure Love, The Unconditional Love, The Love that God says we all have and that’s including you that’s reading this Message !

As long as fear lives within you, within us all.

You will never over come anything except get yourself Further and Further away from the Power of Love !

The Gift of Love that God gave us All including you !


One of the things you Need to do is to Stop all the hoping and Start Believing More.

You see the word hope is really an ineffective word;

It’s a 50/50 chance of something possibly Happening.

Yet, you have been taught to say and use it everyday..


Because you have been raised your whole life hearing it and it’s easier to say and use it when that’s all you know to believe.

But I’m telling you now.

If you can just Try and Learn to Stop using the word  hope and “Start  Believing” in yourself.

Powerful and Great things will Happen in the Name of Love ! 

It’s not impossible.

Just replace the word hope for Believe !

I challenge you and everyone to do this and in turn…

We will have a World filled with ” Peace & Love ” !


For All Things Are Possible if We Start To Believe ! 

And with with ” LOVE ” in the center of it all..

That’s when things Truly can Happen !


So,as for me, I am going Beyond hoping and straight to..

                               ” Believing & Loving More “…

                                                 Will You ?  



” Warning infection/Disease Outbreak “



This is a Warning that an Infection is spreading throughout the Planet.

It’s Destroying People & Families all over the World.It’s been around for Thousands and Thousands of years…

It’s ” FEAR ” and attaching itself to Fear is Hate, Anger and all that is Negative for People.

Hate is on the rise and people Everywhere, Everyday are infected and spreading Hate & Anger even to Children… 

Pharmaceuticals has tried to develop all types of Medications for this Disease & to this day they still can’t come up with a Medication to stop it from spreading.

The only thing they have been able to develop makes people feel worse or causes death. 

There is no Medication other than the one we are born with and that’s…  ” LOVE ” !

Love is the Only Cure for Fear, Hate, Anger & anything Negative.

We are all born with love in our Hearts !

But We are Taught to hate which is Sad. 

Its Never too late to Start Believing & Loving More !



The Blogs below show older dates. But we do have newer ones. 

Please check them out…

Please also feel free to email us if you need Prayer or Just a Friend !

Many Blessings !!



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